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This Is the Police 2 – Loyalty

7 August 2018, Tuesday, 10:16:36


In This is the Police 2, you hire, manage, train and deploy police officers (called ‘cops’ in derogatory slang) to fight crime and protect the public of Sharpwood.



Every officer has a portrait. In this portrait, you’ll find their eyes (or lack thereof) burning their way into your soul as you send them to their doom. You will also be able to identify their loyalty using the portrait. Loyalty is on an invisible scale, but only has two stages. ‘Loyal’ officers all wear the same uniform and accompanying headgear. They will work more than one day in a row, obey your orders in the field and run errands for you without complaint (usually). ‘Disloyal’ officers can immediately be recognised by their appearance. They are usually disheveled, unkempt and out of uniform. They will not work more than one day in a row. If they think your orders are bad ideas, they will refuse to follow them. They will not run errands for the people of the city. MOST importantly, in a tactical situation, they will run and gun with no coordination. Any disloyal officers included in a tactical assault will compromise your mission and will most likely get themselves and other officers killed. Do not bring them along on ANY assault mission.



Loyalty, fortunately, is easy to buy. Just send them to the spa for a little while. For some reason, people just love getting whipped with brooms. In order to do this, the officer must not have a full stamina bar. It also costs $1,600 to send up to three at a time. You should recieve a notification any time an officer’s loyalty changes. Also, you should automatically gain the complete loyalty of every officer currently in your employ when you succeed in getting them indoor plumbing. Maintaining loyalty is a bit more work. If they ask for the day off and you refuse, their loyalty decreases. If they have a food request (in that one annoying mini-game that you have for like three days) and you fail to satisfy, their loyalty decreases. If you’re a bad police chief and make a stupid decision, their loyalty decreases. Your quality as a supervisor will be the most significant factor in deciding their loyalty.



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