This Is the Police 2 – Officer Stats


Officer Stats

Each cop has a set of six skills: Strength, intelligence, speed, stealth, shooting, and negotiation. These are each useful in their own way. These stats aren’t directly related to the cop’s starting professionalism (i.e. x professionalism isn’t guaranteed to have y amount of skill points), but higher starting professionalism is correlated with higher skills.



Cops will gain another skill point every 50 professionalism (from 0, not from when they’re first recruited) so it’s in your best interest to send out as many cops as it’s safe to, in order to raise their professionalism.



General tips about stat builds

  • -Focus on maximizing each cop’s starting stats first, before making evenly skilled cops. A cop with three shooting will be more reliable and more useful more often than a cop with one of each stat, and specialized cops can cover for each other.


  • -Calls are best done with at least two of the required stat, but that still leaves a small chance of failure. Rely on your equipment to succeed until you have enough cops with level three stats.


  • -For calls, you will use negotiation, stealth, strength, speed, intelligence, then shooting from most to least often.


  • -Try and build a roster of cops that complement each other. Once you have enough cops, you’ll be able to create shifts similar to the first game. Make sure you’ve got enough cops to cover each other’s stats every day.




In-depth information on stats

  • -Intelligence is a good pick for disloyal cops, cops with special requirements or alcoholics who you can’t afford to treat, as it allows you to stick them behind a desk.


  • -For tactical missions, stealth is by far the most important stat to build. It allows you to take out criminals at range without any cost with the silencer, and the Ninja perk gives a third action, which is extremely powerful. Chameleon may be the most important perk next to that, as it allows you to position cops more aggressively inside or outside of stealth.


  • -Shooting is not used terribly often, but where it comes into play it almost always results in the perpetrator dying, even if you’re just shooting a criminal’s tires out. Avoid using those options when necessary, but understand that it IS sometimes required for the optimal outcome, especially when a criminal is using a gun and is at the ready with it.


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