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This Is the Police 2 – Professionalism / Experience

7 August 2018, Tuesday, 10:20:58

Professionalism / Experience

Professionalism is a very important stat. It is denoted by the numbers you see above their portrait on their info card. In the previous game, this determined the officer’s ability to succesfully complete a task and fight crime. In this game, professionalism/experience fills a meter required to send your officers out on call. You NEED to fill this meter, or you can’t send out your officers. In late-game, the meter is HUGE, and you need to have lots of experienced officers on-duty every day. Start training early.



Every 50 points of experience unlocks an upgrade for your officer. You get to chose this upgrade.



When the officers arrest a criminal with no civilian casualties and no police casualties, all officers involved in the event gain experience. Officers who performed actions leading to the success of the mission gain bonus experience. Officers also gain experience in large quantities after assaults. Failing the mission parameters causes officers to lose experience.



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