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Titanfall 2 Controls for Keyboard and Mouse

28 October 2016, Friday, 0:48:58


Controls in Titanfall 2 are simple and intuitive. It does not require major remapping, but it is, of course, possible. To do that, you need to go Options -> Controls -> Mouse/Keyboard Settings -> Key Bindings, where you can change controls settings, change mouse sensitiveness, etc. The controls presented below are the default ones.




W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Left
D = Right
Shift = Sprint (Hold)
Space = Jump/Dash
Q = Cloak
C = Melee




  • R = Reload
  • F = Ordinance
  • 3 = Select your Anti-Titan Weapon
  • V = Call in Titan/Change AI mode
  • E = Enter/Leave Titan & Hack Console (Hold)
  • Z = Push to Talk
  • T = Chat Message
  • Y = Team Chat Message
  • TAB = Scoreboard
  • G = Pick Up Weapon





  • Left Mouse Button = Fire primary weapon
  • Right Mouse Button = Aim
  • Mouse Wheel = Switch primary weapons
  • Basic Jump: Move forward and press Space
  • Long Jump: To jump further, first sprint with SHIFT, then press SPACE while sprinting
  • Mantle: Jump with SPACE, and hold W to mantle
  • Wallrun: Spring, then jump at an angle toward a wall to start wallrunning. Hold W to run along the wall.
  • Wallrun Extend: Wallruns can be chained together by jumping from one wall to another to travel further.
  • Jump Off: Press Space to jump off the wall
  • Double Jump: Press SPACE to jump once, then once airborne, press SPACE again.


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