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Titanfall 2 – Game Modes Guide

24 October 2016, Monday, 17:36:04



Titanfall 2 Game Modes



6v6. Point based team deathmatch game mode with AI.

First to 400 points wins or the team with the most points after 15 minutes.


Enemy Killed Points Earned
Grunts, Spectres, and Stalkers 1 pt
Pilots 5 pts
Titans 10 pts


Last Titan Standing (LTS)

5v5. Round based team deathmatch with all pilots spawning within their titans and you only have one life per round. Eliminating all opposing titans before the 3 minutes are up wins you that round, first to 4, wins the game. If there’s a time-out the win goes to the team with the most titans alive or whichever team took the least amount of damage.

There are batteries that spawn around the map (a mechanic exclusive to this game mode) that can help increase your titan’s health but you must risk exiting your titan for a brief moment to pick it up as a pilot. At the beginning of each round you can see the titan classes chosen by your teammates.


Bounty Hunt

5v5. Two sides fighting each other. At certain points the game spawns in neutral enemies: grunts, spectres, Titans, or Reapers (smaller looking titans). These enemies will sometimes have Bounties on them and you get “Bonus cash” for killing them as well as immediately adds the same amount of cash directly towards your team’s’ overall cash. If you kill an enemy pilot, you get half of the cash they had on them. You have to deposit your Bonus in a “bank” for it to apply to your team’s overall cash. First team to $6000 (or the team with the most cash after 15 minutes) wins.


Wave 1: Grunts/Spectres drop into middle of map. You get cash for killing them. If you kill a pilot, you get half of their cash. They kill you, and get half of yours and you start your next life  with half of what you previously had (rounded down). After all minions are killed, a “bank” opens at each end of the map. Go deposit your Bonus. (This adds to your team’s overall cash.) After like 60 seconds, the banks close (no more deposits.) Then a Titan spawns. The team that takes it down gets like $250 bonus. Banks open up again for any last deposits. After like 60 seconds, banks close.

Wave 2: Grunts/Spectres spawn at two locations on the map (marked A and B). Same process as Wave 1. Once all minions are killed, banks open for deposits. Then they close, and two Titans spawn for bonus cash. Then banks open, then close.

Wave 3: Same as Wave 2. Two locations of minions, this time with “Reapers” which are like mini-titans. After minions are killed, banks open. Then close. Then two Titans spawn. Then banks open, then close.



Enemies Killed Cash Gained
Grunts $10
Spectres $20
Pilots Half of what that pilot had on them
Reapers $50
Titans $50


Amped Hard Point

6v6. Capture marked hardpoints to earn points over time. Hold a hardpoint long enough to ‘Amp’ it and increase its point output to earn double what a normal hardpoint earns you.


Pilot vs Pilot

8v8. Pilots fighting Pilots with no Titan support nor AI.


Capture the Flag (CTF)

5v5. 6 minutes until halftime when you switch sides and play another 6minutes. Steal the enemy flag and return it to your base while also protecting your flag from being stolen. Returning a friendly flag doesn’t happen instantly anymore, it takes 3 seconds. Picking up the flag is still instantaneous however. It seems there isn’t consistency with how many flags are required to win, most maps have 3 to win, some had 5. It’s worth noting that the flag carrier CAN use phase shift (or any other ability) to escape danger for a short amount of time and using the Holo ability will create a decoy that does in fact carry a decoy flag! Sudden death: If after the full 12 minutes there’s a tie, respawning is turned off and the first team to score wins.


Map Flags needed to win
Boomtown 5
Homestead ???!!
Forwardbase Kodai 5
Blackwater Canal 3
Eden 5
Exoplanet 5
Dry Docks 5
Complex 3
Crash Site 5


Free-for-All (FFA)

1v11. Every Pilot for themselves, no AI, yes there’s titans. 10 minute time limit or first to 25 kills.


6v6. It’s like Attrition but without any AI. TDM with titans allowed

Variety Pack

A playlist mode with Attrition, Bounty Hunt, LTS, Pilots vs Pilots, Amped hardpoint, and CTF


A playlist of Amped Hardpoint and Skirmish but with 8v8 instead of 6v6.



1v1 where you and your opponent are given the same preset loadout and it is best of 3 rounds. 2.5min time limit each round. There is an entry fee of 10 credits. Winning Coliseum grants you Advocate Gifts: unlocks a random cosmetic (skin, banner, patch, etc…), cannot be a duplicate of something you have already unlocked, and cannot be purchased with real money. Advocate Gifts can also be earned through leveling up your pilot/weapons/ titans/factions. The cosmetics that need an advocate gift to be unlocked can alternatively be unlocked with credits.


Private Matches


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