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To The Light Achievements

3 June 2017, Saturday, 22:11:52



Enter the dungeon
Your adventure to the unknown world begins with HUI opening this gate!


This mysterious little girl is simply a virtual reality illusion. I have the feeling that I might have met her somewhere.


Mysterious Shop
Discovered a Mysterious Shop in area D4~


Kimota-S5 defeated
I gave her a beatdown but found no reward in her remnant…


Thank you for purchasing ,This CG will not be available in November 2017


Winter Dress
Winter Dress increases your chance of survival in freezing environment.


Lovely Baby
It must be hard for a girl at this early age to carry a baby… But she looks so happy…


Power Fist Gloves
Which grants extra strength to your Little Punch!


Quantum Coordinates Red & Bue
Quantum Coordinates found in area F1. It allows you to travel back to area F1 in a moment!


Quantum Fragment-A6
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area A6.


Unknown Waterway
Hidden area E6 discovered!


HUD Master
Press the blue button on the HUD panel in area F1 for crazy times!


Bluish-white Dress
The Bluish-white Dress allows you to walk on the lava field freely.


Defeat Krleimaga-3
This boss has a mania for women’s clothes…well, you know that stuff…


Purple Bikini
This Bikini gives HUI a good chance to show off the two unbelieveable cannonballs on her chest…


Quantum Fragment-K4
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area K4.


Quantum Fragment-E5
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in E5 area.


Easter Egg-Old Doctor


One Last Glimpse
Sometimes, out of love and anger, we choose to leave. Now, it will be my batlle for the light!


The Last Fight
Guard-S1 Defeated!


Secret Room of Human Synthesizer
There… The person in the culture dish… is…


Ghost Tree
HUI fruitified the tree to see what will happen, but ended up with this omnious disater. Need to figure out a way to avoid those nasty things! They are impossible to fight against!


Total Desperation
That young girl disappeared completely, and only the kid, her son, left. He’s covered by blood, but I can do nothing to help! It’s driving me crazy…


Quantum Coordinates Green & Yellow
Quantum Coordinates found in area E4. It allows you to travel back to area E4 in a moment!


Dripping with Blood
This is bad. She hurts so badly… Oh, God! Please help us… Who and where is she?


Sorrow ceases at your demise…


Hidden room A7 discovered
The entrance to A7 is acutally a piece of paper? How many more secrets does this world have in store for me?


Fallen leaves will decay
Ruins and destruction…


It could be the last shed of light.


Exploded Spaceship
Out in the space there used to be a glittering(benevolent) star. One day it flashed once, and then disappeared into the boundless darkness and freezing cold…


Perfect End
The game’s good ending. Look, a glittering sun at the far end! How brillant! How warm!


Combination of the 9 Quantum Fragments
Who would expect to find such a skeleton in the closet from the rejoined 9 fragmented pieces!


Easter Egg-Fat Man


Easter Egg-Little Alien Boy


Easter Egg-HUI being shocked


Easter Egg-HUI running


Easter Egg-HUI extremely scared


Dusty Illusion
Look how dusty she was…The moment I touched that crying figure, she just disappeared from this gloomy world… How can I help her?


Imprisoned Giant Scorpion
Unknown area M7 Discovered, well… I’m just on a casual walk!


Humble Cabin
Just vist the myterious cabin in area X6!


Giant Egg
Increase HUI’s max HP to 10!


White Swimsuit
After all the sufferings and hardships, you’ve found this White Swimsuit! Congratulations!


School Uniform
A school uniform with mysterious power, which can help you travel through the golden wormhole.


French Maid Outfit
An outfit that increases your life regenration.


Dimension Sailor Suit
A suit that helps you break through the dimensional barrier and overcome all the extra-dimensional obstacles.


Angel’s Apparel
An outfit that protects you from water, fire and cold! But to get it, you will have to find a Pool of Midas which transmutes 10,000 light orbs into gold first!


Feather of Speed
Which doubles HUI’s basic movement speed!


Electromagnetic Shield
It not only protects you from a fatal blow, but can prevent the light from diminishing when being damaged. But it only has 5 charges!(There is chance to get extra charges in dungeons)


Holy Light
Enhance all luminous effect on HUI!


Mysterious Chickenhouse
There are a great deal of chicken couples in H6 area…


M16 Defeated
Don’t think too much about this name. It’s just a code name.Because millions or thousands demons in our world, it’s spmliy impossible to think of a name for each of them! So I just call them Monster 1, 2 and 3 4 5 6 7 8!


Quantum Fragment-I4
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in I4 area.


Mysterious Gold Coins
Could someone tell me how to get those coins out…


Quantum Fragment-L4
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area L4.


Quantum Fragment-M5
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area M5.


Quantum Fragment-S5
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area S5.


Quantum Fragment-T5
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area T5.


Bolokolo Defeated
Nothing complicated. Just beat off her eggs plus her mind… Then fry the awarded eggs with some rice cakes!


Quantum Fragment-V5
Discovered one of the 9 quantum fragments in area V5.


Easter Egg-HUI’s Power Fist Gloves

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