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Tokyo 42 How to Get The Secret Items Guide

3 June 2017, Saturday, 13:56:35


Tokyo 42 How to Get The Secret/Hidden Items

Getting Silenced Pistol and Jetpack

So first off, you want to go to get ontop of a car or make your way to this location. In the air, there will be an invisible pathway leading to the cat and first button. Follow the red lines shown in the screenshot.




Secondly, you need to head off to the Cathederal. You will need to have finished the story to do this as you need to be able to access the room. If you have done that, enter through the front doors here.




Once inside, rotate the camera towards the doors and above you will be a platform with the second button on. Make your way up there the legit way or by following a Guide on how to do the “Banana-Copter“. This allows you to basically fly up to it.




Finally, go back to the where the last button is (by the black head) and step on it. The head will open up in a freakishly way revealing the insides of its skull in a demonic fashion. Simply collect the Silenced pistol to aquire it.




To get the Jetpack, you will need to have unlocked the Hush Nau. (Go to the bottom of the page to get information about the hush nau.). Once both weapons are unlocked, the middle section will open and you can use the Jetpack. Just hold jump and you can fly using your energy.


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How to get the “Hush Nau” suppressed sniper

First button

To activate the first button you’re going to need to got o this spot in the map.




Look where my crosshair is to find the button, then shoot it to activate it.




Second button

For the next step you’re going to want to go here on the map.




Look over to this building and shoot the button.




Final button

For the final button you’ll want to go here on the map.




The button is directly under the face.




Once you shoot the button the face will open up (It will look like it does in the picture) and the buttons behind you will float up and the “Hush Nau” will be there.



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