Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How do I enable and adjust HDR settings in-game?


How do I enable and adjust HDR settings in-game?

To enable High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Ghost Recon Breakpoint:



• If you are on console, make sure to enable HDR in your console’s settings (PLAYSTATION 4, XBOX ONE).


Please be aware that you need a screen that supports HDR technology to enable it – you will be able to check this in your monitor’s or TV’s manual.


• Launch Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


• From the main menu, navigate to Settings > Video.


• There, you will be able to access the HDR option.


You can tweak this feature with the HDR Calibration setting.



You can reset the settings in this category to default using the Reset to default option displayed in the bottom right of your screen.


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