Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – PS4 Controls


PS4 Controls

The controls layout for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint on the PS4 are as follows:



Left Stick – Movement

L3 – Sprint

Right Stick – Camera/Cycle Items

R3 – CQC/Over the Shoulder/Grab Body/Throw Body

Square – Reload/Interact/Revive/Grab Enemy/Beacon

X – Mark for sync-shot/Vault/Open parachute/Prone Camo/Skydive Jump

Circle – Prone/Dive/Stealth Swim

Circle (Double Tap) – Dodge

Triangle – Select Primary Weapon/Emote Wheel/Interrrogate

Triangle (Double Tap) – Select Secondary Weapon

Triangle (Hold) – Focus

L1 – Use Item

L2 – Aim/Breath Control

R2 – Fire

R1 – Switch Shoulder / Item Wheel

D-Pad Up – Switch Trigger (While Aiming) / Deploy Drone

D-Pad Down – Switch Unbarrel/Interface Manual

D-Pad Left – Switch Muzzle

D-Pad Right – Cycle Vision Mode/Switch Scope


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