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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Cheats


All SKATE Letters Locations


S — In between the kicker ramps on the left-hand side of the warehouse

K — On the right-hand side above the back quarter pipe

A — Above the taxi

T — Above the half pipe

E — One quarter pipe leads up to a raised platform where there’s a second quarter pipe. Letter E can be found here




S — Half way down the blue rail next to the stairs

K — Between the two kicker ramps in the main courtyard

A — Above a row of triangular blockers near the two bridges

T — Above the right-hand quarter pipe as you head towards the large screen

E — Above a small rail between two pools




S — As you go down the car park, the S is above a rail on the left

K — In the area with the big fountain, to the right is a ledge with the K above it

A — Go down a floor to find a shallow ditch with two rails across it. The A is above the left rail

T — Continue down until you find a sculpture with two bars criss-crossing each other. The T is underneath these bars

E — Dead ahead above a small ramp




S — From starting position, use kicker ramp to get on the right-hand ledge, then grind the rail

K — Hovering above the fountain

A — Facing the cinema, the letter A is to the right above a quarter pipe

T — Near the letter A to the right is a truck that leads to a raised area. Follow this through to a glass walkway

E — Hovering above a power line between two roofs. Access roofs via walkway mentioned above



Downhill Jam

S — Near the start, the S is hovering to the left of a large kicker ramp

K — After the rubble is a ramp on the right leading to two tall pipes. Grind these for the K

A — Get atop the right-hand side of the half pipe, A is above small quarter pipe

T — After the “KEEP CLEAR” structure is a small ramp that leads to the T

E — After the T location, the E is above a quarter pipe on the right




S — From start position, go down the slope and head to the left. S is at the top of the stairs to the tall building

K — From start position, go up the ramp right ahead. Follow this path around to the right and drop down to the lower levels. The K is inside the final room

A — At the back of the Chinatown area are two quarter pipes with the A between

T — From the above position, head out of Chinatown and down the long road. You’ll find a large planter with a quarter pipe in the middle. Use this to reach and grind the ledge and into the building

E — From the above location, follow the road right and you’ll find a ramp leading to a large window on the right-hand side. Ollie into the building. The E is floating above a small pool




S — Straight ahead above the half pipe. Grind the arched rail to get it

K — On the back wall above the quarter pipe

A — Above the small plane that leads to the left-hand half of the hangar

T — From starting position, go down the ramp and left. Use the quarter pipe to smash through the glass

E — On the Neversoft sign next to the helicopter. Use the quarter pipes either side to jump up and grind the sign



School II

S — From the start, head to the right down a narrow hall. Grind the rail, the S is at the end

K — After getting the S, you’ll see the K above a quarter pipe on a raised area

A — Head down past the library. The A is above a rail going down to the left

T — After getting the A, follow the level past the small buildings. The T is above a quarter pipe against a large building

E — Follow the level around to the left to find the E above a quarter pipe



New York City

S — Just ahead of where you start, above the park entrance on the left

K — Go down into the park. To the right is a large fountain and a big quarter pipe with the K above

A — Above the large fountain in the same area. Use the edge of the fountain to ramp up

T — Back up out of this fountain area and head left. The T is above a rail

E — The E is nearby above a quarter pipe to the left


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