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Total Extreme Wrestling-2016 Cheat Codes

29 August 2016, Monday, 13:55:32


TEW 2016 Cheat passwords:

Like any other TEW title, they are found in game under the remote access in the option area.

Password        Effect

evenplayingfield – All companies have $25,000,000 in the bank.
companiesinneed – All companies in debt are given a resuce package.
themorethemerrier – All companies set to “yet to open” become active.
unpredictable – All worker personalities are randomly shuffled.
imagine – All worker personalities are set to very good.
passport – All workers become available in all areas.
iamkindofabigdeal – Give user maximum reputation.
empleh – List all available cheats.
vivalarevolution – Make all owner and booker positions of all AI
promotions available.
cleanslate – Remove all bad habits from all workers.
foggynoggin – Reset all relationships.
sophie – Set all user talents to maximum.
uwillrespectme – Set users image to unlock motivational speeches.
uwillfearme – Set users image to unlock psycho sermons.
jobreview – Set users owner approval rating to excellent.

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