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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia – Monastery Locations Guide

1 June 2018, Friday, 14:57:46

Monastery Locations

There are only seven monasteries in the game – 2 in Scotland and 5 in Ireland.



The locations are:


Dun Cailden (in the middle of the highlands) – initially owned by Atfochla
Ioua (in the hebrides) – initially owned by Sudreyar




Cluain Mac Nois (bang in the centre) – initially owned by Mide
Archhadh Bo (central – just south of Cluain Mac Nois) – initially owned by Ospraige
Dun Patraic (on the east coast) – initially owned by Ulaid
Ard Macha (in the north east – just inland from Dun Patraic) – initially owned by Airgialla
Inis Faithlenn (southwest coast) – initially owned by Iarmamu


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