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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TAB) is a battle royale game that is a bit similar to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The game was released in June 2018 as a multiplayer edition. TAB is a bit weird but wonderful, unlike the other Battle Royale games. As opposed to giving you tightly controlled and competitively balanced rules, the game is all about the fun. The world is full of wacky physics characters in the game.


Unfortunately, In TAB, the guns aren’t very accurate. If you are new to the Totally Accurate Battleground, you might be looking for a guide. Here is the beginner guide about the Totally Accurate Battlegrounds covering tips and tricks.



1.  Secret Guns

  • The game contains tons of secret guns. While the Shooting Range is your best chance to see most of the weapons.


  • Among the weapons on display are canons of hand size, giant revolvers, MAC-10s with money strapped on the sides. Further, you will also find a Holy Sword and blunderbuss weapons that you can choose.



2.  Power of Water Gun

  • Don’t toss your Water Gun out yet if you do manage to find it. Water bursts are great weapons for knocking opponents down quickly.


  • Throwing things is hard and hard to aim at, at least. Use water to knock down your target, then use your primary weapon to blast it. The process is humiliating and straightforward, which will help you do a lot of damage to your opponent.



3.  Upclose Best Way to Fight

  • Aiming is overrated because it depends on horrible physics, fast bullet drops, and terrible recoil. Aiming up close gives you the best chance of winning.


  • You’ll notice enemies shooting at you from across the map as soon as you begin playing. They won’t hit you unless they’re extremely lucky. Shoot the goons with a shotgun as you zig-zag towards them.



4.  Switch to Full Auto

  • The single-shot fire is the default setting in this game. Any weapon you grab is set to single-shot fire as soon as you grab it.


  • It would be best if you mastered the controls so you could come at your enemies quickly with a torrent of bullets. It’s pointless to aim in TAB because aiming it is quite hard.



5.  Shotgun Jumping

  • You’ve likely noticed TAB’s bendy, wacky physics. A floaty physics engine is ideal to use with shotguns and miniguns. If you use any powerful gun, your wobbly character will fly into the sky.


  • There’s no need to rocket jump. Shoot to launch into the air. However, keep in mind that falling will not damage you.



6.  Send Message with Pigeons

  • Are you interested in sending a message in-game? Carrier pigeons can help you do this. Carriage pigeons are extraordinary for alerting your enemies far and wide.


  • Type some text in the chat window if you’d like to send a carrier pigeon. Click on the left instead of pressing the enter, and you’ll be prompted with a text balloon and a carrier pigeon. With it, you can taunt campers all across the map.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please let us know if you think we missed anything important in the comments section. We will update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.



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