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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Best Landing Spots

9 June 2018, Saturday, 9:39:50

Best Landing Spots

First and foremost, do not land in the water, as it turns your screen blue and then stays that way for the duration of the match. It’s unknown if this is a bug or one of those obnoxious glitches set in place on purpose.


The creatively named Military Place — found on the island at the southwest corner of the map — is hands-down the best landing spot at the moment. There’s guaranteed to be a vehicle found on one of the roads at the outskirts, along with lots of buildings to search for weapons and armor. Whether you like close quarters confrontations or sniping, there’s terrain here to fit your playstyle.


Military Place also features plenty of hiding spots and elevated buildings to snipe opponents who break from cover, and with all the tunnels and corridors you can effectively hide and take out enemies with melee weapons if you haven’t found a gun yet.



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