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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Best Weapons of Each Type Guide

Best Weapons of Each Type

A simple guide to know the best weapons of each type. This guide is based not only on statistics but also on real battle situation effectiveness and efficiency.



Best Shotgun

Mossberg 500 (Rarity: Uncommon)


It can instakill any player with any armor and HP at close range with 1 shot. Sometimes the pellets of the shot can concentrate all in one point and therefore create a ball of deadly bullets that can travel even medium distances and still 1-shot, but that is random. It still remains the best close-quarters weapon.


There is a Secret version of this gun that does more damage and is more accurate but is incredibly rare.



Best SMG

PPsH (Rarity: Uncommon)


It holds 72 bullets, has the highest rate of fire of any SMG, is decently accurate, and can do enough DPS to kill anyone in 1 second of continued fire.



Best Pistol

Desert Eagle (Rarity: Rare)

It can fire as fast as you can click the mouse, its damage is equivalent or higher to Revolver’s, and in close range can delete any opponent almost instantly.



Best Assault Rifle

MP-44 (Rarity: Uncommon)

It has a slower rate of fire compared to other rifles of the same type, but is very accurate and does a very high damage per bullet. Excellent in medium and medium-long ranges.


[Secret Weapon] Burst Gun (Rarity: Exceedingly Rare)

This special assault rifle is an M16 that fires the entire 30 round clip in one single burst. It is incredibly rare, but can instantly kill any enemy unlucky enough to be its target. After that burst, you will have to reload tho.



Best Sniper Rifle

AWP (Rarity: Very Rare)

This is a better version of the Barrett sniper rifle, with better accuracy, damage, and bullet speed. It is overall the best sniper rifle. Knocks down the enemy when hits.



Best Heavy Weapon

M2 Browning (Rarity: Uncommon)

With a massive 250 bullet magazine, the M2 is excellent for suppression fire and prolonged engagements. It is not really an excellent weapon but is still the best of its class.



Best Melee Weapon

Katana (Rarity: Rare)

The Katana is a primary melee weapon, it can kill with few hits any enemy, even with armor, and will 1-hit-kill any enemy without armor.



Best Special Weapon

Grenade Launcher (Rarity: Uncommon)

The grenade launcher uses grenades you have in the inventory as ammo. You CAN load different types of grenades in it at once. It fires them at a much longer range than throwing. With powerful grenades like Splinter, Volley, etc. it can unleash a deadly barrage of explosives that can destroy any opponent team quickly. It can also be used to spam knockdown/implosion/stun grenades and disable enemy groups.



Best Offensive Grenade

Volley Grenade (Rarity: Very Rare)

It is rare, but unleashes a great barrage of arrows in an area, and can instakill most people caught in it.



Best Utility Grenade

Knockdown / Implosion Grenade (Rarity: Common)

Two grenades with the same effect, only one is outwards and the other one inwards. They knock down and disable any player in their radius for some time, making it possible to disable entire clustered groups for enough time to rush and kill them.


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