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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Secret Attachments

9 June 2018, Saturday, 10:20:18

Secret Attachments

These attachments are considered secret because they either do not show up in the Shooting Range, or cannot be found by normal loot spawn means. Keep this in mind!



0.5x Scope

Properties of Attachment:

-Basically a reversed binocular for your masochistic needs.
-Does not help with aiming at all.
-Massively increases FOV when trying to aim.
-In short, it’s completely useless as an effective attachment.



Periscope Barrel

Properties of Attachment:

-Lets you shoot over obstacles due to elevated barrel-end.
-Can obstruct walking when equipped.
-Useless unless paired with the Periscope Scope.




Properties of Attachment:

-Lets you properly aim when using the Persiscope Barrel.
-Can obstruct walking when equipped.



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