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Train Station Simulator – Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

8 January 2018, Monday, 19:55:39


Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

“R” – rotate most objects and facilities


“P” – all passengers mood / ticket state / off


“F1” – key help


“F2” – random tip (well not so many already but can be useful in the beginning)


“F5” – if any graphical issue appears F5 may refresh the game layers


“F9” – statistics menu


“F10” – settings menu


“F11” – full screen


“F12” – screenshot


All menu items can be used with their captial letters: “B”uild etc.


All menu items can be selected within their menu by their numbers 1-24, “0” do deselect


“ESC” when any item selected you can deselect for one press, exit sub menu, and open settings menu


WASD and arrows are useful for map navigation


“CTRL” – use this key to be able to select your staff members more easy. Moreover you can use this to see vandals in your station!



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