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Transport Fever 2 Cheats

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The Debug Mode

To activate the Debug Mode, change the according value in the settings.lua


debugMode = true,


or toggle the option in the gameĀ“s advanced options.



The debug mode enables the following hotkeys:


AltGr + a – Reload sound sets


AltGr + g – Toggle GUI visibility


AltGr + l – Toggle Lane visibility


AltGr + m – Add 500k money to the account



Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.


First bus stop

Build a bus stop.



First passenger waiting

Setup a line so that town residents use your vehicles.



First passenger on board

Have a passenger on a vehicle.



First cargo item waiting

Have a cargo item waiting at a terminal.



First cargo item on board

Have a cargo item transported with one of your vehicles.



First train station

Build a passenger train station.



First bus arrived

Buy a bus and run a line.



First steam train arrived

Buy a steam train and run a line.




Complete the first mission of the campaign.



First industry upgraded

Let a manufacturing industry upgrade.



Exemplary student

Earn all medals in one of the missions.



Transport millionaire

Accumulate a fortune of 1 million (without debt).




Use the terrain tool to change the terrain.



Cargo hub

Have at least 300 cargo items waiting at a train station.



Settled down

Build the company headquarters.



Transport master

Accumulate a fortune of 10 millions (without debt).



First electric train arrived

Buy an electric train and run a line.



First ship arrived

Buy a ship and run a line.



Now what?

Have two trains stuck facing each other.



High speed

Reach a top speed of 120 km/h.



Transport shark

Accumulate a fortune of 100 millions (without debt).



First aircraft arrived

Buy an aircraft and run a line.



Crowd in a train

Have a train filled with at least 100 passengers.



Mass production

Reach 400 production at a manufacturing industry.




Have a town with a population of at least 750.



Aircraft entrepreneur

Earn 1 million with airplanes within a month.



Bob Ross

Use the paint tool to change the terrain.



The ugly smell of success

Have at least 300 passengers waiting in a train station.



The king of the sea

Earn 1 million with ships within a month.



Old timer

Complete the first era of the campaign.



Climate change

Play a game in all three climates.



The future is now, old man

Reach the present.



First line

Create a line with at least two stops.



Not in my backyard

Reach an emission value of 80 in a town.



Transport corporation

Reach the maximum headquarters level.



Heavily loaded

Have a train filled with at least 250 cargo items.



Transport tycoon

Accumulate a fortune of 1 billion (without debt).



Truck Fever

Earn 50 millions not using any train.



No free seats

Have a train filled with at least 200 passengers.



Campaign expert

Complete the first and second era of the campaign.



Campaign tycoon

Earn all medals of the entire campaign.



Penny pincher

Don’t take any additional loan until the year 2050.



Transport belt

Have a train longer than the longest possible station.



Campaign shark

Complete the entire campaign.



Transport shark (Hard mode)

Accumulate a fortune of 100 millions (without debt) in Hard mode.




Have every industry shipping items using your transport network.




Have a town with a population of at least 1500.



Speed of light

Reach a top speed of 300 km/h.




Deliver every product to every city that requires it.



Cannot get enough

Build a train line with at least 10 trains in motion.



Back to the future

Using the time control, go back in time.



Louis Favre

Have 100km of tunnels.




Keep a train built before 1900 running until the year 2000.



Train Fever

Reach the year 2050 using only trains.



Big spender

Have a monthly maintenance cost of 200 million.



Transport tycoon (Hard mode)

Accumulate a fortune of 1 billion (without debt) in Hard mode.



Charles Alton Ellis

Have 50km of bridges.



Trans-Siberian Railway

Have 400km of tracks.



Museum line

Build one line containing at least one of every passenger road vehicle that was available between 1850 and 2020.



No country for old trains

Have all tracks electrified and high speed. Have at least 100km of tracks.



Glacier express

Have a train that reaches higher than 450 meters.


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