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Tribes of Midgard classes guide – which job to pick in Tribes of Midgard


Deciding which Tribes of Midgard class to go for? There are 8 available jobs.




The Hunter class is for you if you enjoy setting traps and ambushes for your foes. It has the Recall Totem special power, which allows the Hunter to be resurrected at the totem if he or she is knocked out. With the Hunter class, you may put up decoys, create traps, and deceive foes using a variety of things.




Ranger loves to hide in the shadows and strike from afar. You’ll enjoy the Ranger class if you appreciate hit-and-run combat. They have the ability to shoot and retrieve arrows from a distance. They have a reasonably fast movement speed, which gives them a mobility edge in many combat circumstances. Piercing Arrows is a unique power that allows them to fire arrows that may pierce foes and cause significant damage.




Warrior is the game’s most basic all-arounder class. They have decent assaults and a large number of spells. They inflict double damage every third strike and may recover mana, making them a good pick for novice players. If you are downed, their unique talent Untamed Ashes allows you to self-revive.




The Seer class is a support class that is very vital for any tanks in your squad. During combat, they will heal your tanks and any other party members. It can also recover from damage, and its unique ability, Yggdrasil’s Roots, allows it to lay a trap that traps any adversary that goes through it.




The Warden class is suited to you if you enjoy creating, trying out new goods, and trading. Warden is skilled in crafting, trade, and returning to the town quickly in the event of an assault. Wardens grant your town access to Aesir Constructions. Aside from that, they’re quite standard.




The Berserker class is the perfect one for you if you enjoy dealing damage and using the Wrath meter to deliver even more damage to your foes. They have the unique skill Wrath Unleashed, which is extremely useful in combat since you can focus on doing damage rather than caring about your health. Berserkers are likewise prone to ignoring stun and slow status effects while mowing down their foes.




The Guardian class is ideal if you enjoy tanking and want to play as a character that can absorb a lot of damage. By nature, the Guardian is a tank, and its unique ability, the Last Stand, allows it to avoid being knocked out. Instead, its health is reduced to just 1 HP. You may utilize your Guardian to absorb up all of the oncoming assaults while your team does damage to your foes by maintaining the Rage on yourself.




In Tribes of Midgard, the Sentinel class is another tank, however, Sentinels may also auto-generate their health. It has the ability to stun-lock foes in order to set them up for DPS players, and it also has a unique ability. Shield Ring hurls a shield onto the ground, inflicting damage on all opponents it collides with.


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