Troubleshooter – Taming Guide


Taming Guide


  • -Gisele


  • -Tame Beast skill. Unlocked by leveling Hunter class lvl.



How to Tame

  • -Tima/Yasha/Dorori/Negoori


  • -Taming skill needs you to be unmoving for 10% of Beast HP as Action Time. It cannot be lowered or increased by any means.


  • -During the process the beast must not get hit or taming fails.


  • -You will notice taunted buff on the beast you want to tame take extra care to not hit accidentally or you will have to have 6 turns to try tame again.


  • -Process finished when its Gisele’s turn again, regardless of whether she is stunned or has other debuffs taming succeeds.



Small tricks to use

  • -In the taming process beast must not get hit but it doesn’t mean you can’t use restricting type debuffs such as Anne Constricting Root and Starlight Prison.


  • -Starlight Prison prevents beast from moving and makes it immune to all damage. You can also use it on Gisele as well. In case you are surronded and don’t want gisele to die.


  • -Taming requires you to wait 10% of Beasts HP as action time. Which means the lower its HP faster you can tame it. Rainbow dorori is easiest beast to tame since it will go into hibernation and revive with 1 HP.


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