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Tips & Tricks

  • Place a horse cart immediately after sending out your browser/scanner/mole at the beginning of a level. You don’t want to end up with oil flowing, no cash, and no cart to sell the oil, forcing you to take a loan.


  • The horse cart upgrades correlate with the pipe width upgrades. After upgrading to a 2nd level pipe, upgrade your horses too so they can keep up. The same goes for 3rd level pipes.


  • There is a 1000$ bonus for early withdrawal, so if you’ve finished a level early, click on the date and withdraw the land lease.


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  • If your dowsers are fully upgraded, and they walk off the map without finding oil; then, there are no more untapped oil pockets. If the dowsers aren’t fully upgraded, the oil pockets might be there, but deeper than the dowsers can detect.


  • There are four possible bonuses for each level, each worth 1000$: all oil depleted, all oil sold, all gas depleted, and early withdrawal.


  • Don’t ever take out loans. The only reason to take one out is if you accidentally spent all your money before buying land or forgetting about the 2000$ startup cost. To avoid such a situation, buy land before anything else.


  • At the beginning of stages 3 & 4, before bidding on land, give a diamond to Anthony in the Saloon to point out land with a lot of oil.


  • Dowsers detect oil below them, but the oil pocket maybe 1 cm to the left or right, not necessarily straight down.


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