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Two Point Hospital – Staff Management Tips

2 September 2018, Sunday, 14:07:38

Staff Management Tips

Not everything is so cut and dry with this game as the systems and mechanics are quite in depth and allow for quite a bit of experimentation.



-For example you can create treatment or diagnosis doctors and nurses which instead of being specialised are used as on hand staff which can react to different illnesses. With this strategy you want to focus on the speed skill to ensure they can get around the hospital efficently.



-There are also multiple other very useful traits such as ‘cheap’ and ‘tireless’ which can save your money in the long run, so look out for these if you’re on a budget. The romantic trait can occasionally give your staff a happiness boost when they fall ‘in love’, and a member of staff also receives a happiness buff if they receive a reward, or cure a patient, to name a few.



-Also if you’re using a lot of plants to increase the prestige of your rooms, think about allocating them to staff with the green fingers trait so they can alleviate the massive work load from the janitors by watering their own plants.



-And lastly, consider placing food and drinks objects for your staff in their rooms so that they can recuperate their hunger/thirst between patients. Although this only works if it’s not too busy. Also it’s beneficial to keep food and drinks objects within the staff room. Staff when on their break in the staff room receive a constant happiness and energy gain while inside, so you want to keep them in their for as much time as possible, and not have them spending their break running around the hospital.



-It is entirely possible to work staff without a staff room by refilling their energy with coffee or energy drinks. This works particularly well with researchers or any staff where happiness is not important.



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