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Two Point Hospital – Staff – Personalities

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Staff – Personalities

Staff come with various personalities, which can be either a positive or a negative to how they’ll work, interact with others, and dictate their job satisfaction.



Functional Personalities

Functional personalities are ones that have a plus or minus effect. Some of these are:


  • A natural mentor: +50% Teaching Speed


  • Class clown: Entertains people, increasing happiness


  • Expensive: Will only remain happy when paid a lot, and given a high raise at promotion time


  • Funny: Makes people laugh, which increases happiness


  • Green fingers: Waters plants when not actively working


  • Grumpy: Permanent -10% to happiness


  • Hangry: -10% happiness when hungry


  • Has magic healing hands: Increases the health of their patients


  • Has potential: +50% Learning Speed


  • High energy: Works longer without needing a break


  • Hygienic: Will use things like sinks and disinfectant more often, potentially wasting time


  • Inspiring: Improves the mood of those around him


  • Lazy: Will take breaks more often


  • Motivated: +20% Speed


  • Nasty: Upsets others, lowering their happiness


  • Short Temper: Becomes nasty when angry


  • Suffers from spontaneous bouts of dozing: Randomly falls asleep, wasting time and delaying diagnosis/treatment


  • Terribly dull: Makes people around them bored


  • Thinks their life is a romcom: Falls in and out of love, affecting happiness


  • Unhygienic: Doesn’t wash their hands, lowering the treatment/diagnosis success


  • Will work for peanuts: Will take a lower salary and lower raise at promotion time, without affecting happiness too much




Flavor Personalities

Flavor personalities are fun, cute, weird or questionable traits a staff member may have, but they don’t actually affect any aspect of the game. Some of these are:


  • A means to an end


  • Befriends quadrupeds


  • Chases animals at the park


  • Doesn’t remember that night


  • Has baggage


  • Has some regrets


  • Just like everyone else


  • Level 2 Orbling


  • Loses track of children


  • Loves pudding


  • Not one of a kind


  • Once battled an orchard


  • One-handed backhand


  • Sarcastically frames trivial things


  • Season ticket holder at The Sloop


  • Sleep gallops


  • Their dog has no nose


  • Their handwriting makes them seem boring


  • Thinks clouds probably have feelings


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