Tyranny PC Cheat Codes


Cheats Console and Codes

Press ~ (the key above TAB) to produce a console where you can enter codes. Type in iroll20s and you will be able to enter the codes below, with bracketed words replaced with desired values, to unlock the corresponding effects. Do keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to earn achievements while they are in use.



Code    Result

Iroll20s – Enable the cheat mode. Re-enter cheats disabled.


God – God mode, the entire party is inviolable. Reenter disabled god mode.


HealParty – Provides stamina and to restore health for all group members


UnlockAll – Opens all closed container on the current map


Rest – The Group engages and consumes no camping utensils


GivePlayerMoney (amount) – Gives Money


additem money_01_ir 10 – It will add 10 iron rings


AddExperience X – Each group member receives experience points X


AddExperienceToLevel X – Each group member advance to level X on (maximum: 12)


Skill XYZ – Increases the skill for player X Y Z rank.


Character Names: Player_NewCharacter(Clone)_0, Comp_MobileDamage (Lyra/Verse), Comp_Defender (Barik), Comp_Historian (Lantry), Comp_RangedMagic (Eb), CompSirin (Sirin), CompBeastwoman (Kills-in-Shadow)


Skill Names: Athletics, Dodge, Lore, Parry, Subterfuge, Bows, Staff, Thrown, Unarmed


Example: skill Comp_Defender Dodge 50


AttributeScore XYZ – Increases the attribute for player X Y Z rank.


Character Names: Player_NewCharacter(Clone)_0, Comp_MobileDamage (Lyra/Verse), Comp_Defender (Barik), Comp_Historian (Lantry), Comp_RangedMagic (Eb), CompSirin (Sirin), CompBeastwoman (Kills-in-Shadow)


Attribute Names: Might, Quickness, Wits, Vitality, Resolve, Finesse


Example: attributescore Comp_Historian Quickness 20


CraftingDebug – You will get a large number of crafting materials


FreeRecipesToggle – You can crafting everything without having the appropriate ingredients


Invisible – Group is invisible – enemies ignore you


NoFog – No Fog of War


ToggleSpellLimit – You can cast spells without limitation


UnlockBestiary – Turns all monster messages freely in the bestiary.


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