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Ultimate Custom Night – A Guide to Easily Get 5000 Points

A Guide to Easily Get 5000 Points

A guide to easily get 5000 points (FNaF 3 office) in Ultimate Custom Night!



Characters You Will Need


Toy Bonnie
Toy Chica
Withered Chica
Phantom Mangle
Phantom Freddy
Phantom BB
Nightmare Freddy
Trash Gang
Happy Frog
Mr. Hippo
Rockstar Freddy
Rockstar Foxy
El Chip
Funtime Chica
Molten Freddy
Phone Guy




Bonnie: Do not check Pirate Cove at all.


BB and JJ: If they appear, just shut the right vent until they leave.


Toy Chica and Bonnie: Just put the mask on when they appear.


Vent Crawlers: If you turn the fan off (When temp. reaches 100, turn on the fan until temp. gets to 60-70) and you use the power generator (1), you can just leave the front vent shut the entire night.


OMC: Using the camera is only mildly important, so you can ignore him, though we recommend still focusing on catching the fish.


H. Frog, Mr. Hippo, and Pigpatch: The audio lure will completely paralyze them if you put it over them. It should be fairly easy to get 2 of them caught in the lure at the same time, and then the 3rd one will either wander into it by accident or you will have to check occasionally to make sure that the entrance it is at is closed.


R. Foxy: Just ignore the bird.


R. Freddy: When he asks for 5 coins, turn the heater on (3), until he malfunctions. Then turn the power generator back on (1).


If you get a ventilation error, just check the camera and turn it off. You will likely have to check the ducts anyway so it’s just another reason to check the ducts


The biggest problem with this strategy is Dee Dee, so we recommend getting some Dee Dee Repels before doing it.


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