Ultimate Custom Night – Balloon Boy (Fnaf 2)

Balloon Boy (Fnaf 2)


Balloon Boy is a more human-like animatronic, holding a sign in his left hand and a balloon in his right. He has a hat with a propellor on it, and is one of the smallest animatronics.




Like several of the other animatronics, Balloon Boy cannot be spotted on the cameras. He will randomly appear in the side vent to your right, and will disable your flashlight for a while if he gets inside.




All you have to do to keep him out is keep a close eye on the side vent, and if you see him there close the door on his face. A knocking noise will signal that he has left and it is safe to open the door, and a laughing noise will signal that he has entered the office.


In The Side Vent:



If he gets inside, he will stand in the office and disable your flashlight for a while, which can cause serious problems if you’re also playing with Phantom Freddy. After a while he’ll disappear from the office and re-enable your flashlight.


In The Office:



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