Ultimate Custom Night – Bonnie (Fnaf 1)

Bonnie (Fnaf 1)


Bonnie is a purple animatronic rabbit with long ears and a red bow tie. He has herbivore-like teeth, much like Freddy, and is taller than most of the animatronics in Fnaf 1.




Bonnie spends his time in Pirate’s Cove for the entire game, and if you view him too much he’ll yell at you for a moment, then all of the cameras will fizz out.




You can find out when it’s safe to look at Pirate’s Cove by checking for a Bonnie figuring on your desk. If you see one, that means that Bonnie is waiting for you to look at Pirate’s Cove so he can disable the cameras.





Bonnie In Pirate’s Cove:



Bonnie Disabling The Cameras:



Just remember, DON’T look at Pirate’s Cove if you see the Bonnie Figurine on your desk, unless you’re fine with your cameras being disabled for a little while. Besides disabling your cameras, Bonnie cannot kill you in any way except for giving the other animatronics an advantage by disabling your cameras. If Foxy isn’t active there isn’t any need to check Pirate’s Cove at all, so just make sure you check your desk for the Bonnie Figurine before viewing Pirate’s Cove.


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