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Ultimate Custom Night – Challenges Guide – Bears Attack

3 July 2018, Tuesday, 10:38:52

Challenges Guide – Bears Attack


Bears Attack 1 will contain ten easy animatronics that are on a simple level. Bears Attack 2 will contain two more intermediate animatonic on a low level, as the rest are raising level. Bears Attack 3 continues to have the 12 animatronics, but they are all on a higher level.


Freddy – Freddy is seen in the monitors at the Left Hall Camera. When you see Freddy right up to the door, close your left door, and open it when you hear a thud, indicating that Freddy is gone.


T. Freddy – Toy Freddy is seen in the monitors at the Parts and Service Room Camera, He will be looking at a large TV, playing a game called Five Nights at Mr. Hugs’. Look through the three cameras on the TV until you see a dressed up vacuum cleaner, since that is Mr. Hugs. Whatever camera he is in, click the green button around the camera to block Mr. Hugs off. If you do not do this, Toy Freddy will have a game over and he will… kill you in his fit. Note: Toy Freddy doesn’t appear in Bears Attack 1, as he is seen only in Bears Attack 2 and 3


G. Freddy – Golden Freddy appears in the office rarely. If you ever see him in your office, quickly pull up the monitor, or put on the Freddy Fazbear Mask, or Golden Freddy will jumpscare you and you’ll have your next game over.


P. Freddy – Phantom Freddy slowly forms in your office. If he starts to be fully seen, he will eventually jumpscare you. If you don’t want this, then while he’s forming, shine your flashlight on Phantom Freddy, until he vanishes. He will eventually start to reform again, so be careful. Tip: Phantom Freddy does NOT kill you, as he’s only a distraction for other animatronics in the vents.


N. Freddy – Nightmare Freddy’s Freddles appear in the office if you observe the monitor for too long. If too many Freddles are in the office, it means that Nightmare Freddy is very close to killing you. Get rid of the Freddles by shining your flashlight on the Freddles. It doesn’t need to be directly on the Freddles, and they’ll stil go away. Note: Nightmare Freddy doesn’t appear in Bears Attack 1, as he is only active in Bears Attack 2 and 3, just like Toy Freddy.




Bears Attack 1

Animatronic Levels

Freddy – 10
G. Freddy – 1
P. Freddy – 1
N. Fredbear – 10
Nightmare – 10
Helpy – 5
Nedd Bear -1
R. Freddy – 5
M. Freddy – 1
Lefty – 1




1) Go onto the monitor and check to see if Freddy is close to your office door.
2) Go to the duct system and make sure to audio-lure Nedd Bear, or block off the duct he’s in.
3) Exit the monitor, and get rid of all the animatronics in the room.
4) Repeat the first three steps, while also keeping track on if G. Freddy’s in the room.


This night should be a breeze after the first few tries. It will help familiarize yourself with most of these animatronics.




Bears Attack 2


Freddy – 10
T. Freddy – 1
G. Freddy – 10
P. Freddy – 5
N. Freddy – 5
N. Fredbear – 10
Nightmare – 10
Helpy – 10
Nedd Bear – 10
R. Freddy – 10
M. Freddy – 10
Lefty – 10




1) As soon as you start the round, go on the monitor to the Parts and Service Room, and make sure to close the door, to make sure Mr. Hugs doesn’t jumpscare Toy Freddy.
2) Quickly close the monitor, and gid rid of any animatronics in the room.
3) Go back onto the monitor, and check on Freddy and Nedd Bear.
4) Close the monitor once again and get rid of any animatronics, the main problem possibly being N. Fredbear, Nightmare, and/or M. Freddy.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4


If you follow the strategy, and have a few trials and errors, you’ll eventually be able to complete the night. Note: If you need to use the Power Genearator, or turn off the fan, then it’s ok. Just be sure to keep an extra eye on Freddy, and every once in awhile, check the Closet Camera to make sure Lefty isn’t activated.




Bears Attack 3


Freddy – 20
T. Freddy – 5
G. Freddy – 10
P. Freddy – 10
N. Freddy – 10
N. Fredbear – 20
Nightmare – 20
Helpy – 5
Nedd Bear – 10
R. Freddy – 10
M. Freddy – 10
Lefty – 10




1) Open up the monitor and make sure to block off Mr. Hugs from Toy Freddy.
2) Quickly exit the monitor, and get rid of all the animatronics.
3) Open up the monitor once again, and check on Freddy and Nedd Bear.
4) Close the monitor quickly, and get rid of all the animatronics once again.
5) Open up the montior again, and this time, check on Freddy, Nedd Bear, AND Toy Freddy.
6) Repeat steps 4 and 5


With all the info handy, it might take a little while, but you’ll eventually accomplish the night. Tip: In step 5, it’s wise to check on Toy Freddy before the others, unless you already blocked out Mr. Hugs again.



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