Ultimate Custom Night – Chica (Fnaf 1)

Chica (Fnaf 1)


Chica is a yellow chicken with an orange beak, herbivore-like teeth, and a bib that says “Let’s Eat!!!”. She’s somewhat shorter than the other animatronics, and is never seen in the actual game unless she jumpscares you.





Chica spends most of her time in the Kitchen, making clanging noises with pots and pans. A music box will be playing in the background.




If the sound abruptly stops, this means that Chica is getting bored of the music selection and you need to change it.



Kitchen Camera:



Hold the “Wind Music Box” button to keep the Music Box running, and click “Change Music” to change to a new song. If you did it correctly, the sounds of clanging should continue and Chica will remain happy. Otherwise she will appear suddenly in your office and jumpscare you. Watch out!


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