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Ultimate Custom Night – Hidden Character Guide

Hidden Characters

This is a guide describing what the hidden characters do. These characters must be summoned. They can only be brought into your game by means of DeeDee or Shadow DeeDee.



Shadow Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie will randomly appear in the office and seems to be unavoidable. It will black everything out in the office for 10 seconds, then go away.





His chair will appear on Cam06 next to Funtime Foxy’s stage. If Plushtrap is sitting on his chair, scare him away by clicking on him or else.




Nightmare Chica

You will notice her jaws slowly closing around you when she is summoned. Use the heater to fend her off, don’t let her close her jaw.





She will randomly walk across the screen, requiring the player to click on her nose.





Over time, 4 minireenas will cover your screen, blocking your vision. They will go away after a while.





Lolbit will appear randomly in the office, causing an auditory disturbance until the player types “L-O-L” on their keyboard.





To summon Fredbear, Golden Freddy must be set to 1 with no other animatronics active. The Player must now purchase a Death Coin with ten Faz-Coins, and his hat should appear on the desk. Using a Death Coin when Golden Freddy appears will cause Fredbear to jumpscare the player.



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