Ultimate Custom Night – Hotkeys


(1) Power Generator: Generates extra power for your night, but makes extra noise.
(2) Silent Ventillation: Makes the ventillation silent to produce less noise.
(3) Heater: Can be used to deter certain animatronics, but raises the office’s temperature.
(4) Power AC: Lowers the temperature of your office much quicker.
(5) Global Music Box: Can be used to lower the activity level of certain animatronics.
(6 or X) All Off: Turn off everything you’re currently using.
(Z) Flashlight: Used to deter certain animatronics, but uses power.
(W) Close Forward Vent.
(A) Close Left Door.
(S) Raise/Lower The Monitor.
(D) Close Right Door.
(F) Close Side Vent.
(C) Catch a Fish in OMC’s Minigame.
(Enter) Close El Chip’s Ad.
(Spacebar) Turn the Fan On/Off.
(Hold Esc) Return To Menu.



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