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Ultimate Custom Night – Mangle (Fnaf 2) Guide

Mangle (Fnaf 2)


Mangle is a pile of metal parts with a white Foxy mask and an endoskeleton head attached near the mask. Mangle has no plating to cover his animatronic skeleton except for on his head and feet.





Mangle will crawl through the ventillation system that you can view by clicking the “Vent System” button in your camera view.



Ventillation System:



He will make his way through the ventillation system until he comes up on an entrance to the office. Keep careful track of where he is!



If he comes up on one of the square buttons, click it to lay a vent snare. This will cause Mangle to run into it, and then start back at the beginning of the ventillation system.



When you hear a knocking noise, this signals that Mangle has run into the vent snare and reset at the beginning of the ventillation system, giving you a bit of breathing room. If he manages to get past the vent snares without you noticing, you can still close him off with the vent door, but this uses valuable power, and Mangle won’t leave until you open the door. If you let him in, he will hang from the roof of your office and make loud radio noises, which can cause even more problems, and will eventually drop down from the roof and jumpscare you.


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