Ultimate Custom Night – Phantom Mangle (Fnaf 3)

Phantom Mangle (Fnaf 3)


Phantom Mangle is a dark green, more torn-up version of Mangle.




Phantom Mangle will appear at random on your camera screen, and will appear in your office making audio disturbances.




To avoid Phantom Mangle, all you have to do is quickly close your monitor whenever you see Phantom Mangle on the cameras. If you do it quickly enough then you’ll avoid him appearing in your office.



Phantom Mangle On The Monitor:




If you reacted too slowly, Phantom Mangle will reappear inside your office, making loud audio disturbances that could potentially attract even more problems. Just make sure your reaction time is good in lowering and raising the monitor to take care of him.



Phantom Mangle In The Office:



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