Ultimate Custom Night – Power-Ups Guide


This guide will help you with all 4 power-ups in UCN.




This power up starts you at 50 degrees rather than 60. This is useful against heat based animatronics like Freddy. This though makes rockstar freddy harder to malfuncion as it takes longer to increase the heat.


3 Coins

As the title suggests, this gives you 3 coins to start with,making faz-coin hungry characters easier to beat. This also gives you easier access to the plushies and death coin in the prize corner, used to repel animatronics (plush) and kill characters. (Death coin).



This gives you 2% extra power, which makes a power outage slightly less likely to occur. (unless you do everything to Drain it.) Stuff like the fan and doors rely on power, so this helps them.


DD Repel

This stops dd from appearing, meaning no characters can be summoned. Useful for challenges.


How to Get

So, after telling you about these you will want to know how you get these. Well its random after dying.


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