Ultimate Custom Night – Springtrap (Fnaf 3) Guide

Springtrap (Fnaf 3)


Springtrap is a golden-green version of Bonnie with several bits of his plating torn off.





Springtrap is another one of the animatronics that can crawl through the ventillation system. He will idle in front of the vent door for a bit before coming inside and jumpscaring you.




You could obviously track him through the ventillation cameras and set up vent snares for him, but an easier thing to do is wait for his face to appear in the vent in front of you. As soon as you see this, shut the door and wait for a knocking sound, this signals that he has left.



Springtrap In The Vents:



Springtrap In The Doorway:



Like most strategies, however, this comes with a risk. You’ll need to keep a careful eye on the vent in front of you to make sure Springtrap isn’t idling there, but overall it saves power instead of trying to track him through your camera.


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