Ultimate Custom Night – The Marionette (Fnaf 2)

The Marionette (Fnaf 2)


The Marionette is a tall, thin animatronic with a dark body and white face (no, that wasn’t meant to be racist). He is one of the tallest animatronics in the game.




The Marionette spends most of his time in the Kitchen, listening to the music box playing in the background. If the music stops he’ll get angry and jumpscare you.




If you want to keep the Marionette content, simply hold your mouse button on the “Wind Music Box” button in the Camera View. Using the Global Music Box will also keep him happy.



The Kitchen:

If the Music Box stops playing, you’re almost certainly dead. This is why it is vital that you check it regularly to make sure it isn’t in any danger of stopping, and keeping it wound up so you don’t get killed by the Marionette.



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