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Ultimate Custom Night – Toy Bonnie (Fnaf 2) Guide

Toy Bonnie (Fnaf 2)


Toy Bonnie is a plastic animatronic rabbit that’s blue instead of purple, unlike Fnaf 1 Bonnie. He has a red bow tie and is shorter than most of the Fnaf 1 animatronics.




Toy Bonnie will randomly appear in your office and cannot be seen on any of the cameras. He will appear on the right of your screen and slowly slide towards the left, shaking and staring.




Deal with Toy Bonnie in the same way you would in Fnaf 2; as soon as he starts sliding across your screen, put on the Freddy Mask to ward him away. You can tell that Toy Bonnie has started to slide across your screen when you hear a sort of musical buzzing noise appear.



Toy Bonnie In Your Office:



If you put the mask on fast enough, Bonnie should quickly slide back to the right and dissapear. The noise stopping signals that it is completely safe to take back off the mask.


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