Ultimate Custom Night – Toy Chica (Fnaf 2) Guide

Toy Chica (Fnaf 2)


Toy Chica is a smaller, plastic version of Chica with a bib that says “Let’s Party!!!”. She, like the other Toy Animatronics, is shorter than the ones in Fnaf 1.




Like Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica will slide across the screen, shaking and staring. Toy Chica, however, starts from the left, and Toy Bonnie starts from the right.




To ward off Toy Chica, just put the Freddy Mask on quickly. This will cause Toy Chica to slide quickly back to the left and leave the office. Toy Chica is not visible on any of the cameras.


Toy Chica In Your Office:



Toy Chica plays the musical buzzing noise whenever she appears in the office, which serves as a signal that you need to put on your Freddy Mask.


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