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Ultimate Custom Night – Toy Freddy (Fnaf 2) Guide

Toy Freddy (Fnaf 2)


Toy Freddy is a shorter, plastic version of Freddy, still sporting a top hat, bow tie, and microphone. He is missing his endoskeleton eyes when he decides to attack you.





No worries, Toy Freddy is retired. He spends his time in the back room playing “Five Nights At Mr. Hugs”, but gets pretty angry if he loses.




Toy Freddy will get angry and jumpscare you if he loses the game he’s playing, which is why you have to help him check the cameras and close the doors on his screen to conquer Mr. Hugs. In order to help him, you must press the buttons above your normal camera system to close doors and change cameras.



Toy Freddy Playing FNAMH:



Toy Freddy Lost Screen:



Clicking the camera buttons on his screen will switch his camera, and clicking the two circle buttons will close either door. Do your best to help him conquer Mr. Hugs unless you’re craving a jumpscare!


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