Ultimate Custom Night – Withered Chica (Fnaf 2)

Withered Chica (Fnaf 2)


Withered Chica is a version of Chica with both the arms torn off and the wires showing. Her jaw is held open extremely wide, showing the second endoskeleton jaw inside of her.




Withered Chica will crawl through the vents, like Mangle, and will attempt to get inside the office and jumpscare you. Keeping track of her is important due to how fast she moves in higher difficulties.




Thankfully, Withered Chica can also be stopped short by a vent snare. Placing one in front of her will cause her to reset back to the beginning of the ventillation system.


Chica In The Vents:



If she gets past the vent snares she’ll probably jumpscare you, but there is a slight chance of her getting stuck in the vent door. This will make it impossible for any animatronics to get past her except for Mangle.


Chica Stuck In The Vent Door:



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