Ultimate Custom Night – Withered Golden Freddy (Fnaf 2)

Withered Golden Freddy (Fnaf 2)


Withered Golden Freddy is a golden version of Freddy with, like all the other withered animatronics, some of his parts missing. He looks slouched over and lifeless when he appears in your office.




Withered Golden Freddy will appear in your office at random, completely avoiding the cameras.




Withered Golden Freddy will jumpscare you if you don’t get him out of the office fast enough; you can do so by either raising your monitor or putting on the Freddy Mask.



Withered Golden Freddy In The Office:



If you did it fast enough, he will soon dissapear from the office as if nothing ever happened. Depending on your difficulty, he will appear more or less whenever you put down the monitor.


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