Unavowed – Case 2 – The Bronx Walkthrough

Case 2 – The Bronx Walkthrough

• After the meeting, leave the room through the door in the back
• Choose “Gun Hill station (Bronx)”
• Go to the right to have another vision
• Return to Gun Hill station
• Talk to the MTA officer about the Eddings place
• Leave to the left
• Pick up the brick
• Leave through the back
• Go to the back of the house





Puzzle: Enter the house


• Return to the start of the residential area
• Pick up the brick
• Return to the Eddings house
• Go to the back of the house
• Have Mandana throw the brick through the windows





• Have Vicky shoot the window




• Enter through the window
• Pick up the screwdriver
• Follow the ghost’s instructions until you end up in the bathroom
• Talk to Logan about everything
• Leave the bathroom
• Take the hula doll
• Examine the hula doll and use the screwdriver to take out the battery
• Enter the door to the left and check the trashbin
• Go downstairs and look at both pictures (“dog” and “car”)
• Go outside and talk to Eli
• Have him fire read the burnt documents from the trascan
• Return to Logan and tell him the names of the three ghosts
• Leave the bathroom
• Enter the door to the right to get another vision
• Go downstairs for another vision
• Go outside
• Check the mailbox to get the garage key
• Put the battery in the garage opener
• Use the garage key on the garage door and enter
• Take the shovel
• Use the screwdriver on the car’s license plate and take the photo
• Go to the back of the house for another vision
• Use the shovel on the roses and grab the collar out of the hole
• Go to the front of the house for another vision
• Go inside and upstairs again and enter the right bedroom
• Open the closet and take the old doll
• Return to Logan and hand him the collar, the doll and the picture


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