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Underhero Cheats

13 April 2019, Saturday, 7:49:25


Secret & Missable Achievements

These achievements take a bit more of work to obtain, though some are technically Story Achievements, the % of people who have gotten them indicates that they can be missed somehow.



World 1

Too fast for the Naked Eye

Won the Ant’s Gang Race.

Bit hard to not get this one, the enemy isn’t exactly challenging.



Deep Pockets

Your First Bribe.




World 2

Honorary Bro!

Completed the Bros Quest.

To begin this sidequest, you have to go up the left stairs at the Manor and keep going left, you will be at the 2nd Floor. Here there are 2 doors, go to the one that’s at the end of the room.
You will find a ghost who will ask you to help him and his bros to find Party items. There’s 5 items and 5 ghosts you must talk to twice (once to get a hint of where their items are, and once you find their items, talk to them again in order for them to go back to their bro).


The locations of the items and ghosts are:

-Second Floor. (Where the quest begins)




-Second Floor. (Where the Kitchen and Lavatory are).


Once you found all the items and gave them to the ghosts, talk to the first ghost to get the achievement as well as the Key to the Dark Maze.




Sir Mix-a-Lot

You gave Blobber his favorite drink.

The combination is Rum, Cola and Lime. (The Journal actually gives you a nice hint of what the drink has)




Masked Kid on Ice

Won the Ice Skating Competition.



World 3

Red Hot Collection

Complete Jilani’snPepper Collection.

To start this sidequest you have to enter the 3rd house (from left to right) of the town, a monkey will ask you to find 3 peppers to complete his collection.

All the peppers are found within the Jungle Maze. I can’t exactly provide a map or anything since it’s a really tricky maze.


The peppers are:

-Red – Looks like a regular pepper.

-Blue – Looks like a tear.

-Green – Looks like a lightning.


Once you find them, go back to the town and hand them over, you will get the achievement and an upgrade.




Sunset Stroller

Found the Hidden Treasure of the beach.

Walk on the Beachside all the way to the Sea shells, a Chest will appear and you will get the achievement.




This will BURN!

Cook the spiciest salsa.


You get hints for this but just in case, the salsa must have:

-1 King pepper

-1 Red pepper

-1 Purple pepper

-2 Blue peppers




World 4


Read all Robot Text Logs.

The hard part of this one (that I can think of) is that one of the robots can be missed, it’s at one of the last parts of the world, just make sure you check all the conveyor belts.




Heroes Road

The Language of Money

Bribed 20 Enemies.




You have changed

Spared the Masked Children in Heroes Road.

You Have Changed achievement is obtained after you talk to Mr. Stitches instead of immediately after bribing the last Masked Kid.

These Two kinda go hand in hand, I counted 20 Masked Children in Heroes Road so if you bribe them all, you get the Language of Money achievement as well.

However, both the Dark Maze and Jungle Maze are good spots to bribe a decent amount of enemies (around 5 in each). And Bribing in these two places is actually helpful to get around the mazes.



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