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UnderMine Gamepad Controls

25 August 2019, Sunday, 15:59:38

Gamepad Controls

Gamepad controls for the PC version of UnderMine are as follows:


Left Stick: Move

Left: Swap Potion L

Right: Swap Potion R

LT: Lock Movement

RT: Lock Facing

X: Swing

RB: Throw

A: Jump

Y: Drink

B: Bomb

Y: Interact

View: Journal

Menu: Pause



In menus

Left Stick or Dpad*: Move selection

LT: Swap page L in “Items” Journal Tab

RT: Swap page R in “Items” Journal Tab

RB: Swap Journal Tabs R

LB: Swap Journal Tabs L

A: Select

Y: Delete save file

B: Back

View: Close Journal

Menu: Unpause



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