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Unity of Command II – Combat Losses

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Combat Losses

Attacker and defender losses are looked up in the combat results table using the final odds number. Note that the odds number is randomized when combat actually happens (as opposed to when predicting combat results), to simulate the inherent uncertainty of real-life operations. Technical note: in this context, “randomized” describes taking a random value generated from a normal (Gaussian) distribution centered at the odds number, with a standard deviation (sigma) of 1, and then rounding it. This means that “randomized” odds will almost always be within +/-2 of the starting value — but every once in a while outlier results will occur, leading to very unexpected combat results. Sometimes this will help you, and sometimes it will really hurt!


Attacker Losses: attacker KIA losses are looked up from the attacker losses table, using a randomized odds number. If the attacker suffers no KIA losses, it rolls again to receive “high-odds” suppression, in the following manner:


● if the attack resulted in an overrun: 66% 1 SUP, 33% 2 SUP


● if no overrun: 33% 0 SUP, 66% 1 SUP


Defender Losses: inexperienced, green defenders succumb to “panzer fright” when attacked by armor, reflected in a positive shift equal to the armor shift applied to their losses (the shift is positive as it favors the attacker, and results in greater defender losses). Defending units under “no retreat” orders step suffer greater losses as a result of holding on to their positions (+1 shift).


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