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Unity of Command II – Combat Side Effects

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Combat Side Effects

City turned into ruins: if attacking a city with artillery, each artillery shift adds 2% to the probability that a city will be turned into ruins. Note that if the defender is entrenched, the artillery shift will be zero, but this effect still applies – you can turn a city into ruins with ineffective bombardment too.


Defender entrenchment reduced: if the defender loses 2 or more steps (KIA/stragglers) its entrenchment is reduced by 1. If the attacker has engineers, then any loss (including suppressed steps) is enough to reduce the entrenchment. If the attacker has 2 engineer steps, the entrenchment is reduced by 2.


Attacker gains experience: xp is gained for each defender step lost (either SUP or KIA, incl. stragglers). 20/10/5/1 xp is gained for green, regular, veteran and elite attackers respectively.


Green units: earn xp in both attack and defense. Additionally, they earn +20 xp for every combat in which they do not retreat.



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