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Unity of Command II – Extended Unit Movement

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Extended Unit Movement

Units start the turn with exactly one action point (AP). The AP can be used to attack an enemy unit, or to gain additional MPs equal to the “Extended Movement” property.


When a unit is first selected, its movement outline is shown in orange. All hexes reachable with currently available MPs are within this outline. An orange outline means that the unit can attack after the move.


You can switch the outline to extended either by pressing SPACE or by using the mouse wheel. The extended outline shows all hexes reachable with additional MPs. A light blue outline means that the unit may be unable to attack after its move. While the unit is selected, the movement arrow is displayed if you move the mouse pointer within the outline. The arrow shows you the route the unit would take to reach its destination. The tip of the movement arrow shows you the state the unit would have if it moves to that hex. It shows the number of MPs remaining, whether the AP will be available or locked, and an undo icon if the move is undoable.


Note that switching the outline from normal to extended doesn’t expend the AP in itself. The AP is expended only if you actually move the unit to a hex that requires extended movement.


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