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Unity of Command II – Retreat and Overrun

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Retreat and Overrun

A defending unit may retreat as a result of combat. The probability of this happening is defined in the retreat tables. A retreating unit will remove itself to the nearest empty hex within its own territory, and will be marked as weak for the remainder of the turn.


Retreat Probability: Defending units under “no retreat” orders receive a -2 retreat shift at this point (less likely to retreat). Units that took either KIA or SUP losses earlier in the turn become more likely to retreat: each loss taken in the same turn becomes a cumulative +1 retreat shift.


To calculate the retreat probability, the odds number is modified by the above, retreat-specific shifts and again randomized. The retreat probability is then looked up from the retreat table and a retreat roll is taken.




Retreat restrictions: units expend MPs when retreating and may spend no more than their normal move points in one retreat. Units may not retreat across a river, but may retreat over a bridge.


Cornered units: if a unit is forced to retreat, but there is no location it can move to according to retreat restrictions, all of its steps are suppressed immediately.


Overrun: if the defender retreats, the attacker has a chance to keep its AP. This is called an overrun. The probability of an overrun is looked up from the overrun table using the odds number (not randomized, no retreat-specific shifts).


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