Unity of Command II – Special Defensive Orders

Special Defensive Orders

Defending units can be given special defensive orders by their parent HQs: no retreat, rearguard, and counterattack. When you place one of your units under such orders, it shows a blue/green special defense marker.


The attacker is generally not aware of such special orders before the unit is attacked. It is possible however, to acquire this knowledge with sufficiently upgraded HQ intel.



No Retreat

● -2 retreat shift (lower chance of retreat)


● ignores the cumulative retreat shift for as long as it has the marker (lower chance of retreat)


● +1 loss shift (higher losses)


● after the attack, if the unit retreated, it loses its no retreat marker




● enemy attack on the unit resolves as if it was a feint attack


● after the attack, unit retreats with full MPs towards its own HQ (straggler move routing), and becomes weak just like with any other retreat


● after the attack, the unit loses its rearguard marker


● exception: enemy “suppressive fire”, resolves as suppressive fire, after which the unit retreats as above


● exception: if the unit has no retreat route, all attacks resolve normally




Decision to counterattack (enemy turn)


● if the unit is attacked (normal attack, assault crossing) it can decide to counterattack


● counterattack happens in the same hex, but with swapped attacker/defender roles


● decision is taken so as to minimize projected own losses for the unit (KIA + SUP)



Effect of the counterattack:

● counter attacker gets a +2 surprise shift


● Counter attacker is exempt from “attacker suppression” rule


● if the original attack was across a river, the counter attacker gets a river shift in its favo (-2/-4 for minor/major river)


● retreat results (for the other unit) are ignored


After the combat, if the defender is still alive but either weak or retreated, it loses its counterattack marker


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