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Universe Sandbox 2 – Time Steps and Camera Controls

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Time Steps and Camera Controls

Go to the bottom of the screen on a simulation and click on the timestep bar. Drag it in either direction to make time go by faster or slower. It will automatically slow down when the framerate gets too low. You can type things like 1sec or 30min in the bar to set the time. You can pause the time by clicking the pause button in the corner or pressing the space key.



Camera Controls

  • D – Unselects all objects and goes into spaceship mode, where you use the WASD keys to move


  • C – Lands on the selected body. Press C again to leave landing mode.


  • O – Switches between orbit display, path display, and no paths


  • L – Turns planet labels on and off.


  • TAB – Hides and shows the user interface


  • F12 (Steam universal) – Takes screenshot


  • F9 (US 2 only) – Captures GIF


  • Space – Pauses and unpauses simulation


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